Friday, October 2, 2009

12: Kamari, Oia, etc.

Today we decided to go to a black beach (Kamari) on the opposite side of the island.  Imagine a crescent moon, and that we are on the inside edge just above center.  The beach is on the outside, just below center.  So a quick walk to the bus stop in Fira, a 25 minute bus ride, and we are there.

The black beach (for me) was a disappointment.  It was a black stone beach with rocks larger (but smoother) than your typical gravel driveway back home.  Here are some highlights.  Lisa found a patch of black sand, about 4 or 5 shovels full.  Linda got a couple of beach chairs for 6E.  The rest of us, yes Wayne included, since he is standing over me now asking if he is in the blog, walked the street of the small village, we had real pita (chicken) gyros (pronounced "heros").

All but me got in for a swim.  It was as much painful to watch as it was painful to get in.  Stepping bare feet on stones, and losing one's balance as you fall quickly into the water.  I have and will post video of the torture.  Lisa and I forgot our pool shoes at the hotel.

After the bus ride and walk from Fira home, we hung out at the pool.  Nice, refreshing water, great vista, what's not to like about that?

Later in the afternoon (4pm or so) we headed for Oia, the town at the top of the island.  A one street town, yet so beautiful, so white, so peaceful.  The shopping here was more to my taste, less tourist crap and more real art.  We visited several artist's shops and nearly bought (to have shipped home) some original art.  We have their website URLs and so who knows...

While taking pictures, Wayne and I, and yes even Lisa, (Lisa has become more than just a self portrait specialist) we noticed people lining the walls, every crack you could find, for the event - the Santorini sunset.  We hunkered down in a spot, and waited.  There was at least an hour or more to wait.  Unfortunately, the sky had some clouds down low, and the event, while an experience, turned out to be not quite the event.  But I can see the attraction.  Watching the sun drop into the ocean atop a cliff-side.  Again, what's not to like.

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