Friday, October 2, 2009

11: Sail Day

View above out through our window at sunrise or thereafter.

bird that joined us for breakfast

Early breakfast, then off to the bus stop rendezvous.

While waiting, someone commented on my Tommy H. tee shirt ($30US Florida about 10 years ago).  Then Lisa mentioned he is also wearing a Tommy swimsuit ($50CDN Halifax just recently).  Then I noticed I was wearing my white Tommy sneakers ($70US Florida 5 years ago).  Outfit (priceless), unplanned, but funny.  Never wore the shirt much until this year.  Bought it because I liked it, was always a bit tight until this year.  As for the sneakers, never wore them until this year because they were white - I didn't want to get them dirty.  Anyway.  Ball cap, Columbia.  Oh well.

On the bus for a ride to the south end of the island, and on the sailboat "Angelica" (42' Jeanneau), ten of us and a crew of two, the captain one of the 3 sons of the owner.  Very nice young man.  We sailed around the tip of the island viewing the red and white beach on the way. 

We also sailed past the Akrotiri excavation site, which has been closed for nearly 4 years with at least 1 more year before it reopens because the glass floor that allowed viewing the archeological dig collapsed killing a tourist and injuring others.  Around the horn of the island, we stopped at the hot springs which is located on one of the small center islands where the active volcano still exists.  To get to it was a 40 meter or so swim from the back of the boat.  Wayne and Lisa dove and swam like fish.  I climbed into the water and swam like a - well, I got there minutes later. 

The water got warmer as we got to the spring.  And you could smell the sulfur, and the water color got more and more "orange" in color.  The hot spring was not that impressive.  In several places you could see a few tiny bubbles coming up from under the water.  I've produced more bubbles than that in my bath tub or even the hotel pool.  Anyway, one had to experience it.  The swim back was another 20 meters longer than the swim in, I made it.  Climbed aboard and off we went to a small cove on the other island where they active volcano is for another swim and to view a small shipwreck.  Again we got in and again Lisa was impressive with her swimming.  Wayne aka Man from Atlantis needs no mention.

From here we sailed to the old port in amongst the large cruise ships.  We could see our tiny hotel room up the cliff in the distance.  Cool.  And from here we sailed heading home, and stopped at the red beach, but far from shore.  For a few minutes.  Lisa again dove in, Wayne didn't want to get wet.  He was in drying mode.  I skipped it as well.  Lisa even got out, back up onto the boat, and dove in again.  I wasn't ready with the camera the first time.

Back aboard, back to the marina, on the bus and home.  Back at the hotel we stopped for beers at Wayne and Linda's, then did a cool swim in the pool, then down to our cliff-side for more drinks.  And planned our return to Fira for the evening for dinner and more walking around.  Found a store carrying Tommy - no ball caps!

I love the walks down and back.  It is the only exercise I am getting.  And the walk back does produce a bit of sweat.  Back at the room, I am now blogging the past 3 days since we left Mykonos, and tomorrow at breakfast, hopeful I will get this uploaded.  The wi-fi seems to be at poolside only.  Ya sas.

PS.   The weather here is warmer than Mykonos in that there really is no wind, even atop these cliffs, not much wind.


  1. You missed the part about us stopping to snorkel around the ship wreck.

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  3. I mentioned the swim at the shipwreck.